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e00 Exchange file (Arc/Info)
EBJ Error Checking Object file (Geoworks)
ED5 EDMICS image
ED6 EDMICS image
EDA Ensoniq ASR disk image
EDB ROOTS3 Geneological data file
EDE Ensoniq EPS disk image
EDD Element Definition document (FrameMaker+SGML documents)
EDK Ensoniq KT disk image
EDQ Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 disk image
EDS Ensoniq SQ80 disk image
EDT Default settings (VAX Edt editor)
EDV Ensoniq VFX-SD disk image
EEB Button Bar for Equation editor (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
EFA Ensoniq ASR file
EFE Ensoniq EPS file
EFK Ensoniq KT file
EFQ Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 file
EFS Ensoniq SQ80 file
EFT High Resolution Screen Font (ChiWriter)
EFV Ensoniq VFX-SD file
EFX Fax Document (Everex EFax)
EFX Fax document (Efax Reader)
EGA EGA Display font (Ventura Publisher)
EL Lisp Source code (eMacs)
ELC eMac Lisp Source code (byte-compiled)
ELM Theme-Pack file for (Microsoft FrontPage)
ELT Event List Text file (Prosa)
EMB Embedded bank File (Everest)
EMD ABT Extended MoDule
EMF Enhanced Windows Metafile
EML Microsoft Outlook Express mail message (MIME RFC 822)
EMS Enhanced Menu System Configuration file (PC Tools)
EMU Terminal Emulation Data file (BITCOM)
ENC Music file (Encore)
ENC Video file
ENC Encoded file (UUENCODEd File, Lotus 1-2-3)
END Arrow-Head Definition Table (CorelDraw)
ENFF Neutral Format
ENG Dictionary Engine file (Sprint)
ENG Chart Graphics file (EnerGraphics)
ENV Enveloper Macro (WOPR)
ENV Environment file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
EPD Publication file (Express Publisher)
EPHTML Enhanced Perl-parsed HTML
EPI Document file (Express Publisher)
EPS Encapsulated Postscript Vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator)
EPS Printer font (Epson, Xerox, Ventura Publisher)
EPS2 Adobe Level II Encapsulated Postscript
EPS Encapsulated Postscript image file
EPSF Encapsulated PostScript
EPSI Adobe Encapsulated Postscript Interchange
EQN Equation file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
ER1 ERWin file
ERD Entity Relationship Diagram graphic file (Prosa)
ERM Entity Relationship Diagram Model file (Prosa)
ERR Stores the error messages that result when the RoboHELP Help Compiler attempts to compile the source files of a Help system
ERR Compilation error file (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)
ERX ERWin file
ESH Extended Shell Batch file (DOS)
ESL Distributable support library file (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)
ESPS ESPS audio file
ETH Document file (Ethnograph 3.x)
ETX Structure Enhanced text (SetText)
EUI Ensoniq ESP family compacted disk image
EVT Event Log (Microsoft Windows NT, 2000)
EVY Document (Microsoft Wordperfect for Windows Envoy)
EWD Text Document (Express Publisher for Windows)
EWL Microsoft Encarta document
EXT2 Second extended file system (Linux)
EXT3 Third extended file system (Linux)
EX3 Device Driver file (Harvard Graphics 3.x)
EXC Microsoft Word Exclusion Dictionary file
EXC Source Code file (Rexx VM/CMS)
EXC Exclude file for Optimize (do not process, QEMM)
EXE Executable file (program)
EXP Saved chat (ICQ)
EXT ASCII binary transfer file (WS_FTP PRO) (IPSWITCH Software)
EZP Compressed file (Edify.zip) (Edify Electronic Workforce Backup Utility)
E00 Coverage export file (ArcInfo)




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