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R Ratfor file (FORTRAN Preprocessor)
R Resource file (Pegasus Mail)
RA Sound file (RealAudio)
RAD Radar data file (Radar ViewPoint)
RAM Metafile (RealAudio)
RAO ReadAllOver (YOUniverse)
RAR RAR compressed archive (Eugene Roshall's format)
RAS Bitmap (Sun Raster Images)
RAT Datafile (RATS)
RAW Raw File Format (bitmap)
RAW Raw signed PCM data
RAW Raw signed PCM data
RBF Datafile (Rbase)
RBH Maintained by RoboHELP, the RBH file adds to the information contained in the Help project file
RC Resource script (Micosoft C/C++)
RC Resource script (Borland C++)
RC Configuration file (emacs)
RCG Newsgroup file (Netscape)
RD1 Registered level file (Descent1)
RDF Resource Description Framework file (related to XML and metadata )
RDF Compiled UIC source code (Geoworks UI Compiler)
RDF Research document information format
RDI Device-independent bitmap file
RDL Registered Level file (Descent)
RDX Datafile (Reflex)
REC Datafile (EpiInfo)
REC Recorded macro (Microsoft Windows 3.x)
REC Voice file (RapidComm)
REC Record file (Sprint)
RED Path information file (Clarion Modula-2)
REF Reference file (Generic)
REG Registration file
REG Registration file (Corel)
REG OLE registration file (Microsoft Windows 3.x)
REM Remarks file (Generic)
REP Reply file (QWK Reader)
REP Report file (Visual dBase)
REP Report file (Report Designer)
REP Report file (DataBoss)
REP Report file (CodeReporter)
REQ Request file (Generic)
RES Resource file (Microsoft Visual C++)
RES Compiled resource file (Borland C++)
RES Resource file (dBase IV)
REV Revision file (GeoWorks)
REX Source code file (REXX)
REX Report definition (Oracle)
REZ Resource file (Generic)
RF Raster graphics file (Sun)
RFT Revisable Form Text (part of IBM's DCA or Document Content Architecture)
RGB, SGI RGB files (Silicon Graphics)
RGX Symbol tables (ReaGeniX code generator)
RH Resource header file (Borland C++ 4.5)
RI Data file (Lotus 1-2-3)
RIB Graphics in Renderman format (3DReality)
RIC Fax document (Ricoh)
RIF RIFF bitmap graphics (Fractal Design Painter)
RIF Image file (Metacreations Painter 5)
RIP Graphics (remote access)
RIX Bitmap graphics (ColorRIX VGA Paint)
RL1 Regestered level file (Descent1)
RL2 Registered level file (Descent2)
RL4 Bitmap graphics file
RL8 Bitmap graphics file
RLA Wavefront raster image (SDSC Image Tool)
RLB Data file (Harvard Graphics Win 9.x)
RLC Graphics file (1 bit per pixel scanner output file)
RLE Run-Length Encoded bitmap (SDSC Image Tool)
RLZ Realizer source code file (CA-Realizer)
RM Video file (RealAudio)
RMD Document (Microsoft RegMaid)
RMF Rich Map Format (used by 3-D game editors to store a map)
RMF Rich music format (Beatnik)
RMI MIDI music
RMK Makefile (Clipper RMake)
RN Xpl Program file (Nota Bene)
RND Rendering slide (AutoCAD-AutoShade)
RNO Runoff file (VAX)
ROL FM music Adlib Music file (Roland)
ROM Cartridge-based home video game emulator file (exact copy of ROM contents in cartridges from Atari 2600, Colecovision, Sega, Nintendo, etc.; not interchangeable between emulators)
ROV Data file (Rescue Rover)
RPD Database (RapidFire)
RPL Text document (Replica)
RPL Video file (Tomb Raider)
RPM Package Manager (RedHat Linux)
RPT Crystal Reports file ( and a sub-set of Microsoft Visual Basic)
RRS Saved game file (Ace Road Rash)
RS Datafile (Amiga Resource Reassembler)
RSB Red Storm bitmap (Rainbow 6 (Game) and several image editing programs)
RSC Resource file (Generic)
RSL Paradox 7 reports (Broderland)
RSM Resume file (WinWay Resume Writer)
RSP Response file (Generic)
RS_ Resourse fork file (Macintosh Mac-ette)
RTF Rich Text Format document
RTF Help file script (Microsoft Windows 9.x)
RTL Run Time library (NU 7.0)
RTM Music module (MOD) (Real Tracker)
RTK Used by RoboHELP to simulate the search feature of Windows help
RTL Text file (Generic)
RTP Software update package data file (RTpatch)
RTS RTSL document (RealAudio)
RTS Runtime library file (CA-Realizer)
RTS RoboHELP to speed complex operations
RUL Extension used in InstallShield
RUN Compiled output p-code file (Softworks basic compiler) (SoftworksLtd)
RVP Scan Configuration file (MIME) (Microsoft)
RVW Review file (Generic)
RWS Resource Workshop data file (Borland C++)
RWX Script file (RenderWare)
RXX RAR compressed files from a multi-volume archive (xx = a number from 01 to 99)
R8 Raw graphics (One byte per pixel) plane one (PicLab)
R8P Pcl 4 bitmap font (Intellifont)




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