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T Source file (TADS)
T Tape archive (TAR) (Without compression)
T Tester symbol file (ReaGeniX code generator)
TAB Table file (MapInfo GIS)
TAB Guitar Tablature file
TAG Query tag name file (DataFlex)
TAH Turbo assembler help file (Borland C++)
TAL Text illustration file (TypeAlign)
TAR Tape Archive
TAR Compressed archive (TAR)
TAZ Gzip/Tape archive (Unix)
TAZ Compressed ASCII archive (TAR)
TAZ Compressed ASCII archive (COMPRESS)
TB1 Font file (Borland Turbo C)
TB2 Font file (Borland Turbo C)
TBF Fax document (Imavox TurboFax)
TBK Interactive multimedia files (Asymetrix Toolbook)
TBK Memo backup file (dBase IV)
TBK Memo backup file (Microsoft FoxPro)
TBK Toolbook file (Asymetrix Toolbook)
TBL Graphics (Native format) (Pagemaker TableEditor)
TBL Table of values (OS/2)
TBS Text elements (Microsoft Word for Windows)
TBX Table (Project Scheduler 4)
TC Configuration file (Turbo C)
TC Configuration file (Borland C++)
TCH Turbo C Help file (Borland C++)
TCL Script in the TCL/TK Language
TCW Drawing file (TurboCAD for Windows)
TD Configuration file (Turbo Debugger for DOS)
TD0 Disk image file (Teledisk)
TD2 Configuration file (Turbo Debugger for WIN32)
TD4 Saved track design (Roller Coaster Tycoon)
TDB Database file (Thumbs Plus)
TDB Database file (TACT)
TDDD A file format use by the Imagine & Turbo Silver ray-tracers
TDF Font file (TheDraw)
TDF Typeface definition file (Speedo)
TDH Help file (Turbo Debugger0
TDK Keystroke recording file (Turbo Debugger)
TDS Symbol table (Turbo Debugger)
TDW Configuration file (Turbo Debugger for Windows)
TEF Fax document (Relisys TEFAX)
TEL Hostfile (Telnet)
TEM Turbo Editor Macro Language script (Borland C++)
TEM Input template (IconAuthor)
TEX Texture file
TEX TEX text file (Scientific Word)
TEX Datasheet file (Idealist)
TF Configuration file (Turbo Profiler)
TFA Area file (Turbo Profiler)
TFC Catalogue file (Tobi's Floppy Disk Cataloguer)
TFH Help file (Turbo Profiler)
TFM Form file (Form Tool Gold)
TFM TeX font metrics file (TeX)
TFM Tagged font metric file (TeX)
TFS Statistics file (Turbo Profiler)
TG1 Project file (On Target)
TGA Targa bitmap (Adobe Acrobat,TrueVision)
TGA Targa bitmap (Countour Mortgage Loan Format)
TGA Winpoint Loan file (Microsoft Excel)
TGQ Movie file (Dungeon Keeper 2) (Bullfrog Software)
TGV Video file (Electronic Arts) (Need for Speed I/II/III, NBA '96)
TGZ Gzip/Tape archive (Unix)
THEME Desktop theme (Microsoft Windows 9.x)
THM Thumbnail image file (Microsoft Clip Gallery v.1.x)
THN Thumbnail (Graphics Workshop for Windows)
THS Thesaurus dictionary (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
TIF Tag image bitmap file (TIFF)
TIFF Tag image bitmap file (TIFF)
TIG Map file (Tiger) (Used by the US Government to distribute Map files)
TIL Fuzzy Logic knowledge base file (Togai InfraLogic Fuzzy-C Compiler)
TIM Texture/Image file (Playstation)
TIS Tile set (MahJongg 3.0)
TJF backup files (VAXTPU Editor)
TLB OLE type library files (Microsoft)
TLB Reference table (Bubble Editor)
TLB Text library (VAX)
TLB Type library (Visual C++)
TLC Compiled tool command language source code file (Swat)
TLE Two-Line element set (NASA)
TLP Project timeline file (Microsoft Project)
TLX Data file (Trellix)
TMF Tagged font metric file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
TMO Ztg global optimizer default optimizer file (Zortech C++)
TMP Temporary file (Microsoft Windows) (ALL)
TMS Script file (Telemate)
TNV Data file (BitWare)
TOC Table of contents file (Eudora Mailbox)
TOL Image file (Kodak Photo Enhancer)
TOS The Operation System for Atari line of 16/32 and 32/32 computers
TOS Self-Extracting archive (Atari ST)
TP Configuration file (Turbo Pascal)
TP Sesson-state file (Turbo Profiler)
TP4 Saved picture file (Roller Coaster Tycoon)
TPB Downloadable PCL Soft font file backup (HiJaak)
TPF Downloadable PCL Soft font file (HiJaak)
TPH Help file (Turbo Pascal)
TPL Residents units library (Turbo Pascal)
TPL Template file ( Cakewalk Audio)
TPL Template file (Harvard Graphics 2.0)
TPL Template file (DataCAD)
TPL Encrypted lesson file (TutorPro)
TPP Project file (Teleport Pro)
TPP Protected mode units (Borland Pascal 7.0)
TPU Turbo Pascal Unit (Turbo Pascal)(BGI)
TPU Command file (VAXTPU Editor)
TPV Packed graphics file (TutorPro)
TPW Session-state file (Turbo Profiler for Microsoft Windows)
TPW Packed wave files (TutorPro)
TPW Turbo Pascal Unit (BGI) (Turbo Pascal for Windows 9.x)
TPX Image file (ULead Photo Express)
TPZ Compressed archive (TAR)
TPZ Compressed archive (GNUzip)
TP3 Template file (Harvard Graphics)
TR Session-state settings (Turbo Charge Debugger for DOS)
TR2 Session-state settings (Turbo Charge Debugger for Win32)
TRA Saved game file (Coaster)
TRC Debug support file (Power CTrace)
TRE Directory tree file (PC-Tools)
TRK Script file (Kermit)
TRM Terminal file (Generic)
TRM Terminal settings file (Microsoft Windows 3.x)
TRN Translation support file (Quattro Pro)
TRN Project usage log (MKS Source Integrity)
TRS Executable file (MicroGraphix)
TRW Session-state settings (Turbo Debugger for Windows)
TST Printer test file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
TTF TrueType font (Generic)
TTK Translation tool kit file (Corel Catalyst)
TTO Client access data specification file (AS/400) (Server to Client)
TUV Tutorial file (Many programs use this suffix for their tutorials) (Generic)
TV Table view settings (Paradox)
TV1 Overflow file above insert point in document 1 (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
TV2 Overflow file above insert point in document 2 (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
TV3 Overflow file above insert point in document 3 (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
TV4 Overflow file above insert point in document 4 (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
TV5 Overflow file above insert point in document 5 (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
TV6 Overflow file above insert point in document 6 (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
TV7 Overflow file above insert point in document 7 (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
TV8 Overflow file above insert point in document 8 (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
TV9 Overflow file above insert point in document 9 (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
TVF Table view settings (dBase IV)
TWF Data file (TABWorks)
TWW Template file (TagWrite)
TX8 MS-DOS text
TXB Encoded briefing file (Descent/D2)
TXF Compressed archive (TAR)
TXF Compressed archive (FREEZE)
TXF Tax exchange format (Quicken and others)
TXI Support file (TeX)
TXT ASCII text-formatted audio data
TXW Wave file (Yamaha TX16W)
TYM Time Stamp files (PageMaker 4.0)
TZ Old compression file (TAR), (COMPRESS)
TZB Compressed archive (Tar)
T2T Modeling software file (Sonata CAD)
T44 Temporary file for sorting index (dBase IV)
T64 Emulator tape image file (Commodore 64)




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