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UAP User agent profile (Used by wireless telephony applications)
UB Raw unsigned byte (8-bit) data
UC2 Compressed archive (UltraCompressor II)
UCN New compressed archive (UltraCompressor II)
UDF Unique Database (Microsoft Windows NT)
UDF Image filter (Photostyler)
UDW Raw unsigned doubleword (32-bit) data
UE2 Encrypted archive (UltraCompressor II)
UFO Object file (Ulead)
UG Drawing file (AutoCAD and others)
UHS Binary file (Universal Hint System)
UI Espire source code (Geoworks UI Compiler)
UI User interface file (Sprint)
UIF Long prompts for Microsoft Windows ((Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
UIH Espire header file (Geoworks UI Compiler)
UL Audio file (ULAW)
ULAW (CCITT G.711) audio (US Telephony)
ULD Uploaded file information (Procomm Plus)
ULT Music module (MOD) (UltraTracker)
UMB Backup file (archive) (MemMaker)
UNI UniMod music module (MOD) (MikMod)
UNI Datafile (Forcast Pro)
UNX Text file (Unix specific information)
UPD Updated program data (Generic)
UPD Updated program data (dBase)
UPI Program file (ULead Photo Impact)
UPO Compiled updated datafile (dBase)
UPX Saved Image file (ULead Photo Express)
URF Universal radar format (Radar ViewPoint)
URL Internet shortcut file (Universal Resource Locator)
USE Source Integrity file (MKS)
USP Printer font w/updated USACII extended character set (Pagemaker)
USR User database file (Procomm Plus)
USR Audit trail file (Pro/Engineer)
USR User database file (Turbo C++)
USR User database file (Tour)
UU UU-encoded file
UU Compressed ASCII archive (UUDE/ENCODE)
UUE Executable compressed ASCII archive (UUDE/ENCODE)
UUE UU-encoded file
UW Raw unsigned 16-bit) datafile (Word)
UWF Wave file (UltraTracker)




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