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Advice to Parents


We're all busy these days, and many of us are either single parents, or two-parent families where both parents work full time. I've been in both positions, so I truly sympathize with all of you who feel overwhelmed by the thought that this new medium gives you yet another thing to add to your "watch" and "to do" lists. But we truly need to find ways to keep in touch with our children and their activities, especially in a increasingly technological world where they will be exposed to a larger number of people and boatloads of information. Even taking an extra 15 minutes at the end of the day (when I know we're all plain exhausted) to ask your children to share with you their thoughts, feelings and fears of daily events will serve your family well.

We have added a few help guides to provide as much information for you as we can.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions please free free to e-mail them to us.



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