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Citizens That Count




Have you ever had to leave your mom, dad, sister, or brother? Have you ever had to ride in a police car? Well I did one time when I had to go into custody of DSS. When I did I was 2 years old and I really don't remember it to well. This could be the scariest time of a kid's life at the age of two. Do you know where kids go to stay when they cannot live in their own home for any reason? Some of the reasons they may not be able to live with their parents or family members anymore: may be not being treated right, beaten, or not sending them to school for other reasons than not being sick. Sometimes they cannot live in their own homes because of drugs, fighting, or guns used in a bad way. But also sometimes good things come out of bad things.

To a child who is scared half to death what can be brighter than a smile. To a child who has had no love at home what can be greater than the warm arms of a loving hug. To a child that has not had good food or a warm place to sleep what can be better than a nice soft warm bed. No one can explain a greater love than that of loving foster parents.

They are "citizens that count". If it were not for foster parents what would happen to hurting homeless children?

They are not paid much money for the service they have to do for children. They buy us clothes, food, toys, and treat us just like their own children. My foster parents have loved me and took me to church and bought me everything, I always needed. I thank God for my foster parents because if they had not gave their time to become a foster parent then I would not have a new home. I will be adopted in May and I am so happy that 2 people of "outstanding character" are "Citizens that Count" and they will soon be my mom and dad and they are the most outstanding citizens I know.




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