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(This enables the trainer to fast forward or rewind to a specific place on the video tape.) 


0000 0011 - South Carolina Educational TV (SCETV) production


0012 0100 - A brief national statistical overview of negative outcomes concerning education and employment for foster children


0107 0111 - Nexuskids staff


0112 0502 - Judge William R. Byars, Jr. (Ret.), Director, Children's Law Office, defines the function of the Children's Law Office, describes the origin of the Computer BuddiesTM* program, and introduces Kathleen M. Hayes, Ph.D., Program Director, Nexuskids


0502 1224 - Dr. Kathleen M. Hayes provides information concerning foster children, education, and family stability


1225 2015 - Dr. Kathleen M. Hayes presents the Nexuskids Computer BuddiesTM* program, and introduces Tonya Brailey, Computer Buddies Coordinator, Sumter County, SC Department of Social Services


* Please pause video tape and ask for questions.


2016 2206 - Tonya Brailey discusses county preparation for Computer BuddiesTM*


2207 2254 - Dr. Kathleen M. Hayes gives closing remarks


2255 2259 - Nexuskids contact telephone numbers and website


2300 2310 - Nexuskids partnerships


2311 2312 - SCETV ending credit


** Please stop video tape and ask for questions.



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