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Computer User's Guide

Computer BuddiesTM*
by Nexuskids
Through the Eyes of the Child

What you should expect from your Computer Buddy

·         COMPUTER BUDDIES are volunteers who help with implementation of the Computer Buddies educational program.  Please remember your Computer Buddy is a volunteer.  He or she is trying as hard as possible to make sure everything works.  Please be patient with your Computer Buddy if you are having a problem.

If you need to talk to someone about your Computer Buddy, the Computer Buddies program, or need assistance in finding a Computer Buddy, please feel free to call your county Department of Social Services Computer Buddies Coordinator, your county Foster Parents Association president, or visit the Nexuskids’ websites: www.nexuskids.org and www.help-net.com.

·          COMPUTER BUDDIES should:

o        Assemble the computer for you

o        Show you where all of the wires go

o        Hook up the printer, making sure it works

o        Work with you and your child in deciding which software from the software CD is right for your children

o        Install the software you have chosen, making sure everything works

o        Hook up the modem to your phone line if you have access to the Internet and configure your software for the Internet operation

o        Help your child learn how to use the software that has been selected

·        THE COMPUTER system has the following technical description:

o        Pentium 100 Processor

o        Either one 2 gig IDE Hard Drive, or two 800 Meg IDE Hard Drives

o        40X CD-Rom Drive IDE type

o        32 Meg of Memory

o        1.44 Meg Floppy Drive

o        56K Internal Modem

o        Sound Card

o        Cannon 2100 Color Printer

o        Monitor, Keyboard, Speakers & Mouse

o        Wires for connections

·        THE SOFTWARE: 

Most of the software readily available for you is freeware, but some of it is “shareware” or “demoware.”  Shareware and demoware require a fee (usually at a reasonable cost) to be sent to the maker of the software after a period of time.  Some shareware and demoware companies will allow you to use the complete program; some only will allow you to use part of it until the fee is paid.  In any case, if you do not feel comfortable in purchasing the software, feel free to ask your Computer Buddy for advice.  This is one way a Computer Buddy can help.

Some software today is made for a faster processor than the one that is in your computer.  If you buy software on your own, write down the processor type of this computer and show this to the salesperson, call your Computer Buddy, or contact your county Computer Buddies Coordinator or Technical Manager.  Most software is not returnable so be careful when making a purchase.  If you are not sure whether the software will work on your computer, wait until you can contact someone for help.

Please let Computer Buddies by Nexuskids know if you find software others will enjoy!


A program of the
The Center for Child and Family Studies
College of Social Work
226 Bull Street Suite 130
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208

http://www.nexuskids.org    http://www.computerbuddies.us

 *Trademark of the Computer Buddies program by Nexuskids is in process (February 2002).



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