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Monthly Report


Nexuskids Computer Buddies

Monthly Status Report


Instructions:  Computer Buddies will complete this form at the end of each month.  Please make two copies of it for the foster parent, who will forward one copy to the DSS caseworker for the child.  Thank you for your commitment to foster children.

Date:___/___/___  Month Covered by this Summary:_________________

Name of Computer Buddy:______________________________________

Computer Buddy Phone:________ Computer Buddy’s Email____________

Name of Foster Child(ren):_______________________________________

Name of Foster Parent(s):________________________________________

Dates of contacts (face-to-face, email, phone, etc.) with foster child(ren) and/or family (please indicate whether contact was with child or family):





Progress made by the child this month (about 50 words or one paragraph):




Direct Quotes from foster child(ren) about the Nexuskids Computer Buddy Program, if any:




(Please give your report to the foster parent at the end of each month.  Thanks!)



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