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We have many software packages available for down load in the software pages, most are free or at a small cost (to the developer not us) feel free to download what seems interesting.  Please feel free to explore the site and leave your comments.  If you know of a program we could use, please e-mail it to it to David Fellows for testing.  Keep in mind we are using Pentium 100 machines, running win98.  All packages that have passed the tests will be listed.  New software will have a in front of the name for the first 90 days it is on the list.

After giving permission, the PCNINEONEONE folks have withdrawn it. So we are having to remove the "PC Nine One One Pages" they said we were taking revenue from them by allowing the pages on our site.  If you would like more information, as well as online help go to http://www.pcnineoneone.com.  This is a marvelous set of help guides.

The "Orientation & Training" page has many new pages.
A " Foster Parent Association" County Presidents Page. This lists the name, address and phone number for all of the county SCFPA presidents.
The "All Software" page lists all of the software including descriptions of all software in one folder (it is large  90 pages so give it time to download).

We also have pages with helpful information for all of you, it is called the "Job Description" page.  There is a page for the "Coordinator", the " Technical Manager", " Technical tips for the Computer Buddies", and a new page for the " Computer Users" themselves, this page explains what the computers users can expect from the Computer Buddies and the rest of us.

There four pages in the "Media Fact Sheet".  Check out the pictures of some of the computers we have picked up on page 2 of the 340 computer page

New exciting information on the "Advice to Parents" page. Become a shoulder to shoulder computer buddy it also explains what to do about predators when you are online.

In the "Help/Guides" page you will find the new " Tech Dictionary" finished. Ever wonder what all those strange, new words mean?  Here is a useful guide to the language of the Computer and the Internet.  We have also added a new "How to" section.  Please check out our new pages.

The SOFWEB site is located in Australia.  We are still working on this area. Some of the links and terms will not be familiar or available.  The information is some of the best we have found anywhere.  Please click on the SOFWEB logo to go to their site for much more information.



Office or School Software
Super Cal   -  Get a free calculator
Vocabulary Wizard  -  Study for extensive vocabulary exams
Sun Calculator  -  Get a prettier, more powerful calculator
PC Magazine's PCBook2  -  Create booklets, or print multiple pages
PC Magazine's Days Ease  -  Create custom calendars
Software602  -  free alternate to MS Office a suite of a word processor,
photo editor and spreadsheet
Photo Plus  -  excellent photo program
Open Office  -  free alternate to MS Office
Kelsea's Classroom  -  Teach kids reading, math, computers
Text Shield 2000  -  Get a feature-packed free word processor
SAT English Level 1  -  Learn English basics
SAT English Level 2  -  Learn English grammar
SAT English Level 3  -  Learn parts of speech and grammar

Misc. Software
Microviet Kids Explorer  -   Give your children a Net starter kit
Holy Bible King James Version  -  Enjoy the KJV Bible w/several study aids
King James Bible Online  -  Get a free HTML-based KJV Bible
Koran  -  Read and study the Islamic holy book
PC Magazine's Page1  -  Create a start page for your browser
Quick Editor  -  Edit large text files quickly--and free
PageFocus Pro  -  Perform power-packed publishing
Website and Ezine Promotion Made Easy!  -  Pick up some tips for a hot Web page
Workout  -  A fun toy for your desktop
Heat  -  What happens when you over heat your computer
RCEdit  -  Use a feature-rich yet free HTML editor
Teach Me HTML  -  Learn the basics of HTML coding
Bio-Rhythm  -  Rate your day
Biorhythms (Smedley)  -  Predict how you are going to feel today
Universal Biorhythms  -  Plot biorhythms and compatibility
My Biorhythms  -  Compute and view your biorhythm cycle
Biorhythm  -  Calculate your biorhythm cycles

Children's Software
Christina Word  -  Help kids to learn word-processor basics
Paramagnus eWork  -  Get help with your homework
123Learn: Forest Fieldtrip  -  Learn about the sounds of the forest
123Learn: City Sounds  -  Learn about the sounds of the city
123Learn: Barnyard Friends  -  Teach your child about farm animals
Click and Learn: Puzzle Pals  -  Help kids learn deductive reasoning
Click and Learn: Jungle Adventure  -  Teach your child about animals
Animated Beginning Phonics  -  Help children to learn word sounds
Reading Blaster Kindergarten  -  Teach kindergarten kids to read
Reading Blaster 1st Grade  -  Teach first graders to read

Belarc Advisor  -  Inventory your PC hardware and software
SecureIt Pro  -  Lock your desktop
Virtual Drive 2000  -  Access CD-ROMs without the CDs
Support-Works PC Audit  -  Audit your computer
Lens  -  Magnify an area of your desktop
PC Magazine's FontViewer  -  View all your fonts at once
CDex  -  Turn CD tracks into .wav or .mp3 files
WebWalks  -  A password protected Internet Browser
SocketWatch  -  Synchronize the time clock of your computer with Internet time.
Offline CD Browser  -  Create images of your data CDs
PC Magazine's Icon Lock  -  Lock down your Desktop arrangement
Childproof   -  Childproof your computer
SOS Kid Proof  -  Kid Proof your PC
WinZip8  -  Allows you to compress and uncompress files
Adobe Acrobat Reader  -  Allows you to read PDF files
Dimension 4  -  What Time Is It, Really
Visual Basic 5.0 Runtime  -  The VB5 runtime files
Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime  -  The runtime files for VB6
VB5 Runtime Disconnector  -  Avoid VB5 runtime conflicts
Runtime's System Info  -  Retrieve system information
Trumpet Winsock  -  Connect to the Internet (for windows 3.1)
PC Magazine's CookieCop Plus  -  Block offensive Websites and graphics
Sonique -  Enjoy your MP3, CD, WAV, MOD, and WMA tracks with superior audio quality and impressive visual effects.
Musicmatch Jukebox  -  Create MP3 files, play music, and more
Irfan View  -  View/edit images & play multimedia files
Digital Camera Enhance  -  Clean up crummy photos for free
DLSuperCX  -  Compare folders and files
Directory Compare  -  Compare and sync folders, manage files
Beyond Compare  -  Easily compare files and folders
Eudora  -  Get the best in email for free
PlanBee  -  Track and map Websites as you surf

A1 Geo-Fit Game Pack  -  Be challenged by falling triangles
Board Games For Two  -  Play classic games with friend
ChessBase Light  -  Save Chess games for detailed analysis
Computer Puzzles Unlimited  -  Enjoy a big variety of free word puzzles
FreeplayUSA Listen and Learn games  -  Let kids learn about animals
Gini's Children's Bingo  -  Introduce your children to Bingo
Hoyle Card Games 2000  -  Play many popular card games
Hoyle Word Games  -  Play eight challenging word games
Hoyle Board Games  -   Have family fun with classic games
ISolitaire   -  Play 35 free Solitaire games
Mattie's Preschool Math Games  -  Teach 4&5 year-olds math
PySol  -  Play 298 free Solitaire games
Ray's Spelling and Word Games  -  Help children with spelling and more
Rocky's Math Games  -  Shoot down complex equations
Solitude  -  Play 80 free Solitaire games
Spelling Buddy Games  -  Play along and improve your spelling
Spelling Games  -  Teach spelling the fun way
TypingMaster Games  -  Improve typing skills with this freebie
WildTangent BlasterBall  -  Blast your way out of the bricks
ZDNet's Solitaire 3-Pack  -  Play 3 popular solitaire games
Shapez  -  Form lines, squares, or blocks of balls
Laser Age  -  Blast your way through space
Free Solitaire  -  Play 10 well-done Solitaire games
Caterpillar  -  Help your caterpillar eat and grow
Bike Flyter  -  Fly past the motorcycles
M2 Math Tutor  -  Test your math skills
Flash Typing  -   Learn to type by using a fun game
Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder  -  Rescue the King in a text adventure




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