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Privacy Statement

 Computer Buddies Safety Policy

Internet Safety Basics:

Here are some basic rules to follow to be safe online:

Never agree to meet someone you've met online in person.

Don't tell people you meet online your full real name, even if you are friends with them!

Never give out your phone number or home address to your online friends.

Don't tell anyone online which school you go to.

Be suspicious if someone online asks you too many personal questions.

If you get a bad e-mail from someone, tell your e-mail provider and tell their provider too.


Privacy Statement:

While using Computer Buddies, the Computer Buddies staff asks you to follow our safety rules, especially those about keeping your identity private. Computer Buddies created these rules for your protection. When you use Computer Buddies, you agree to follow Computer Buddies code of conduct. These rules help make sure everyone on the Computer Buddies web site has a great time. Just as Computer Buddies has rules for you, Computer Buddies also has behavior rules for itself. Here are the rules Computer Buddies follows to protect your privacy.

Computer Buddies DOES encourage parents to explore the internet with you.

Computer Buddies DOES monitor all messages, postings, and other submissions that anyone (kids or adults) send in.

Computer Buddies DOES publish messages, postings, and other submissions on the Web site.

Computer Buddies DOES ask for real first names and ages on certain submissions. This is so Computer Buddies can reach you in case there is a question about your submission, real first name and ages will not be posted.

Computer Buddies DOES share general survey with our partners and clients. We do NOT share kids' real names. When sharing this information, we may share kids' Computer Buddies nicknames only.

Computer Buddies DOES NOT share or sell your information to anyone outside of the staff. All information is kept private.

Computer Buddies DOES NOT publish last names, addresses, phone numbers, or any other information that identifies who you are. All this information will be deleted from messages and other postings on the site.

Computer Buddies DOES NOT use its mailing list to send junk mail or "spam." We only use the list to mail out the Computer Buddies newsletter and e-mail updates about new content on Computer Buddies.

If you have any questions about Computer Buddies privacy policies, please e-mail dfellows@help-net.com


Computer Buddies Message Board Rules:

On the Message Board, kids follow these rules:

No sharing of personal information, such as home address, phone number, last name, instant messaging number or name, school name or school address.

No talking about topics that are inappropriate for kids.

No posting of links. Computer Buddies cannot check links posted on the Message Board to make sure they are safe. If you have a link that you would like to have posted at Computer Buddies, e-mail us. If we agree that it should be posted, we'll place it under "web sites"

No swearing or inappropriate language.

No advertising other chat sites. Many chat sites on the Internet are unsafe, and Computer Buddies does not want members to be directed onto those unsafe sites.

No cyber kissing! Chat is a place for friendly interaction, not for romance.

Computer Buddies monitors are designated by their name with "CB" in front. They make the rules on the Message Board and can ban kids who do not follow the rules

If you see anything inappropriate at Computer Buddies, contact dfellows@help-net.com immediately.


Monitored Content:

Computer Buddies uses trained adults to monitor all messages on the message board and all content on the Computer Buddies web site.

The Computer Buddies Safety Team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, including education, foster parenting, web design, nonprofit, and social work.




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