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Tech Man



(This enables the trainer to fast forward or rewind to a specific place on the video tape.) 


0000 – 0007 - South Carolina Educational TV (SCETV) production


0008 – 0257 - Judge William R. Byars, Jr. (Ret.), Director, Children's Law Office describes the origin of the Computer Buddies Technical Manager concept and introduces the Nexuskids Computer Buddies Statewide Technical Manager, David Fellows


0259 – 0319 - Slide of “Computer Buddies Technical Training”


0320 – 1020 - David Fellows, Computer Buddies Technical Manager, discusses access and use of Nexuskids’ websites and software


1023 – 1032 - Slide of “What type of computer is being used for this program?”


1033 – 1644 - David Fellows discusses the IBM 330 machine to include the construction of the machine and plug in of the cables


* Please pause video tape and ask for questions.


1657 – 1706 - Slide of “How do Computer Buddies use the Norton’s Ghost program to image the machine?”


1709 – 3015 - David Fellows discusses imaging the computer, creating a startup diskette, precautions, and rebooting the machine


3016 – 3103 - David Fellows gives closing remarks and advisories


3105 – 3135 - Nexuskids contact telephone numbers and websites, Nexuskids partnerships, and SCETV ending credit


* Please stop video tape and ask for questions.



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