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Technical Manager

Computer BuddiesTM*
by Nexuskids
Through the Eyes of the Child

Tips for Successful Implementation of the Program

The COMPUTER BUDDIES TECHNICAL MANAGER, often a volunteer, is responsible for the implementation of technical assistance for Computer Buddies.  More than one Technical Manager is acceptable if the county can assure good communication and support and wishes to organize their program in this way.  The following tips are included to help guide the Technical Manager in assisting to implement the program:

        Work closely with the COMPUTER BUDDIES COORDINATOR to provide technical training and orientation of Computer Buddies.  This training can be coordinated with Nexuskids or provided on-site utilizing Nexuskidsí training videos and material.  Ongoing training and support of Computer Buddies is essential.

        Supervise the installation of computers and software as needed.  Be sure that a complete inventory of equipment is kept current and copies forwarded to DSS and Nexuskids.

        Supervise the selection and installation of appropriate educational software.  As Nexuskids continually updates software for the children, it is imperative that the COMPUTER BUDDIES TECHNICAL MANAGER interfaces with Nexuskids and the foster parents to maintain up-to-date, effective software.

        Develop a system whereby technical assistance can be provided as needed and appropriate.  The system should include a method of receiving and recording requests, acknowledging requests, and responding to requests for assistance in a timely manner.

        Maintain contact with DSS, foster parents and Nexuskids as scheduled and appropriate to understand needs and interests.  By working as a team, our combined efforts will decrease the level of work for all parties.

        Provide ongoing assistance and continuous encouragement necessary for the effective implementation of Computer Buddies.  Appropriate recognition of the foster children, Computer Buddies volunteers, and foster parents is essential.

        Assist in the receipt and analysis of the Computer Buddies Monthly Status Reports as determined in conjunction with the Computer Buddies Coordinator.

        Assist the COMPUTER BUDDIES COORDINATOR in planning the pickup and secure, temporary storage of computers.  The storage area does not need air conditioning, but it must be dry to avoid damage to the computers.

        Contact the Nexuskids Statewide Computer Buddies Technical Manger for information and assistance on equipment, repair, or software problems that cannot be resolved locally.

        Become familiar with the technical assistance available on the website designed for Computer Buddies:  www.help-net.com/computer buddies.  This website has the most up-to-date software and help guide available, and has been designed specifically to help the Computer Buddies Technical Managers and local Computer Buddies.


A program of the
The Center for Child and Family Studies
College of Social Work
226 Bull Street Suite 130
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208

http://www.nexuskids.org    http://www.computerbuddies.us

 *Trademark of the Computer Buddies program by Nexuskids is in process (February 2002).



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