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Computer Presentation

Show the case IBM Model 33 Pentium 100:

(Make sure the machine is unplugged)


Show how to open the case (catch on the bottom).


Slide the case off toward the front.


 Note:  When putting the case back on watch the rails the top slides on.


Show that there is nothing inside the case that will harm you
 (except being cut on the metal edges of the case).

Show the following

Hard Drive  (3 gig  -  IDE type)

Floppy Drive (1.44 meg)

Cd-Rom (40x  -  ide type

Memory Chips (32 meg)

Processor (100 Pentium)

Power Supply

Modem (56k )

Sound Card

Show the class the location of the Cd-Rom.

Show the following

Screws holding the drive in the machine.

Power cable.  ( note:  the connector has rounded edges
on the top of the connector that should be placed
in the drive in the proper position.

Data Cable  (note:  The red strip is toward the power

        Sound Cable  (Note the color of the wire closest
to the outer edge of the case.  Make sure this wire
is put back on the same way.  While this usually 
makes no difference sometimes it might.

Slide the drive out of the machine.  Show it to the class.

Have one of the students re-assemble the drive in the machine.

Note:  When putting everything back together it should go on easily, if not, stop.

Something is wrong. Correct the problem and start that step again.

Place the top back on the machine watching how the top is placed on the rails.

Be careful it is very easy to get the top on the rails crooked. 



  Watch out for the plastic round tabs on the top rail they will catch  the top,

preventing it from going on easily



Connect the keyboard, mouse, monitor, CPU power cord, and speakers
(black connector on the sound card) to the CPU.


Connect the monitor power cord to the monitor.

Connect the speaker power cord to the speakers.

When everything is connected. Turn on the machine.

While it is booting, explain the following:

Startup Disk and why we use it.

DOS verses Windows

The Computer Buddies Image.

Show the Computer Buddies Image CD.

The Ghost program.

Is on the root directory of the CD

Picture of the hard drive at the time
the machine was created.

It will restore the computer to proper
operating configuration.

We don’t mind if the parents or the
children play with the computer.
We can put it back to normal within 18 minutes.

Not to be given away.
Licensed to DSS.
Can be used for personal use.


When windows-98 finishes loading:

Click on     Start,


Control Panel.

Double Click:     Add/Remove Programs.

Click on:    The Startup Disk Tab

The create disk window.

When asked to do so, place a floppy
disk in the A drive and press enter.

When done,  remove the disk.

Explain the startup configuration options:

First start from a hard drive, bypasses the
floppy drive upon booting.  If someone leaves
a floppy disk in the A drive the machine will not
give an error.

First start from a floppy.
If you want to boot from a floppy you have to
change the startup options in the BIOS settings
from hard drive to floppy.

Press F1 when the boot process asks you to
press F1 for Configuration

Arrow down to the startup options part of the
Configuration Menu

First Boot Device  -  from Hard Drive to
Floppy Drive.  After changing press the
ESC key to return to the menu.

Arrow down to save options. Press enter.

Arrow down to exit the menu. Press enter.

This should allow the machine to boot to a floppy in the A drive

Reboot the machine with the startup floppy in the A drive.

When prompted, choose “Start computer with CD-Rom support”.
If you do nothing at this point, it will boot that way by default.

Pay attention to the drive letter that is assigned to the CD-Rom
(should be E but not always).  This is the letter you will use when
you start ghost.


Change to the drive letter for the CD-Rom

Type GHOST and press enter

Do the following:

At the opening screen press enter

Highlight Local. Press enter

Highlight Disk. Press enter

Arrow down to From Image. Press enter

Use the TAB key until the CBIMAGE.GHO is
highlighted. Press enter.

Choose the destination drive.

When it says, “is this the one you want me to use?”
TAB down to OK and press enter.

When it asks “are you sure you want to do this?”
highlight OK and press enter.

While the machine is Re-Imaging.

Go over the software on the Computer Buddies Software CD.


More pictures of the computer 

Power Supply   Sound Card, Modem, and CPU
CD-Rom, Hard Drive, Floppy Drive   Front w/o Top
Front of Computer   Back of Computer
Back of Power Supply w/Power Connector   Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker, Monitor Ports
Memory Chips   Screws for CD-Rom and Hard Drive


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