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Freeware: Is free to try, use and keep.

Shareware: Is free to try.  If you like the software and want to keep it, then send in the fee.

Demoware: Is free to try.  It may or may not be a whole program or may have additional features available to you after you register the software. If you like the software and want to keep it then send in the fee.

Files you download can have a exe  (anyprogram.exe)  extension this file is ready to run or install.  You can install directly from this kind of file.

Files you download can have a zip  (anyprogram.zip)  extension this file is called a compressed file or zip file and needs another program such as winzip or pkzip, ( winzip is on this cd-rom ) to uncompress the file so it is ready to run or install.
WARNING!!!!  This type of file  must  be copied to the hard drive and uncompressed before it is installed.

Click here to go to a winzip quick guide.





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