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How to Copy A File


How to copy a file from the cd-rom to your hard drive.

The following is from the windows help file found by clicking on start, then help then the index tab, type copy press the enter key, click on copying files, folders then click on display  then choose  To copy a file or folder then press display

To copy a file or folder

In My Computer or Windows Explorer, click the file or folder you want to copy.

On the Edit menu, click Copy.

Open the folder or disk where you want to put the copy.

On the Edit menu, click Paste.


To select more than one file or folder to copy, hold down the CTRL key, and then click the items you want.

To select a folder in the left pane of Windows Explorer, click the folder.


The following are are my instructions

To copy a file from the software cd double click on "My Computer".  Double click on the cd-rom for your machine.  Find the file you wish to copy and click on it once using the left mouse button.  This will highlight the file.  Using the right mouse button click once choose copy.  Use the back arrow to return the main screen of "My Computer"  and choose the drive you wish to copy the file to.  Then choose the folder you would like to use.  I recommend using the temp folder.  If you do not have a temp folder on the c drive press FILE,   New,   Folder,   name the new folder temp and press return.  Copy the file into temp.  






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