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Install WinZip
Install Zip Files
Intro to the Computer
Computer 101
Picture Tour of a Computer
Intro to Win 98
What is the Internet
Saving Files
How to Copy A File
How To Build A WEB Page
How to Download

This page is your link to our "How To" section.  If you would like to have something added here, something you are having trouble with please e-mail me with the request.

For those of you that are experienced with copying and installing files.  All of the software is located on the CD-Rom in the (D: or E:)\computer buddies\downloads folder (some of the machines have 1 hard drive and some have 2 so the CD-Rom could be D: or E:).  If you want, copy all of the files you are going to install to the temp folder on the hard drive and then install them directly from the hard drive instead of using the Web pages.  If your machine has 2 hard drives install all of the software to the d: drive not the c: drive.


Many Thanks to Tonya Brailey in Sumter for all of her tremendous help in creating these how to files


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