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Different Images


We currently have 3 different Computer Buddies Images.

    The first one was for the Sumter County Pilot Program only.    
    The second is for all computers with a Canon Printer.  These disks are not marked with Canon as of July of 2003.  After July we will be marking all Images for Canon printers with the work CANON on the label.    
    The third is for all computers with a Lexmark Printer.  These disks will be marked with the word LEXMARK on the label.       
    I am creating enough disks to be sent to all counties as soon as possible.  Please add the new disk to your Computer Buddies Kit.  Please be careful when you have to re-image a machine.  Use the appropriate image disk.  If you need a disk immediately call Roni 803.576.5896 and we will get one to you right a way.    


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