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Install Zip Files


Installing Software from the the Computer Buddies Software CD-Rom Disc

There are two kinds of files on this CD:

One ends in "exe" (anyfile.EXE) and  the other ends in "zip" (anyfile.ZIP).

If a file you choose ends in "exe" load or copy the file to the temp folder on the hard drive and install it as is.

If a file ends in "zip" you must use WinZip to uncompress (open) the file before you install it.


Installing Software

Place Computer Buddies Software CD into CD-Rom

Using the "All Software" page in the Orientation and Training section or one of the "Software" pages in the "Software" section of the web site choose the software you want to download from the CD.

These instructions assume you going to choose the software from the cd and are downloading it to the temp folder.



Double Click on "My Computer"



Double Click on CD-Rom Drive (either D or E)


Double Click on Computer Buddies


This is what you will see when the folder opens.  Slide the right hand slider bar down to find index.  Note: The files you see in yellow on the screen are file folders (also called sub-directories) these contain files.  The files you need are below the folders.  Move the slider bar down to find the files.


Find the INDEX file by using scroll bar. (Files are in alphabetical order).  Double Click on Index


Computer Buddies Homepage should appear.  Click on middle box in right hand corner to maximize the screen.


Double Click on Software


Use Right slider bar to see all 5 software groups ( Office or School Software, Misc. Software, Children's Software, Utilities Software, and Games )


Single Click on the Software group that contains the software you are looking for or click on the Software group you wish to browse.  For this example we are going to click on Office or School Software


When you click on Office or School it will show the upper part of that page.  

Use the slider bar on the right to see all of the software.  There are short descriptions on top.



It will show you a brief description of the software.  When you find one you would like to download.  Single Click on Software you want.  For this example we are going to choose Kelsea's Classroom.  


Bold letters denote the name of the program.  The name in Red will be the filename.  Double Click on the Red filename.


 This will bring up the Download window box.  In File download window, make sure that the "Save this file to disk" prompt and "Always ask before opening this type of file " are both selected.

Then click OK



This brings up the Save As Window.  In Save in window you should see "temp", the file name (in this example kelsea) and WinZip for "Save as Type"  If correct click Save.


(if not press the down arrow.  Select the c: drive and then temp) 


File Download box should appear.  Click OK



When download is complete, Click close



Close the windows you have open.
You should be at the main computer buddies desk top.  Double Click on WinZip Icon



When WinZip Thank You Screen appears, Click on "I agree"



WinZip Welcome screen appears. Click Next



WinZip Select Activity appears, click next.  Click on "Unzip or install from existing zip, click Next



WinZip box appears.  Click OK



WinZip Search box appears.  Click on "Let me find it".  Click OK



WinZip Wiz select zip file window will open.  Double click on the Temp folder.



Click on Kelseacl.  Then click on open.



Click Next



At "Add to favorite zip folder" Click No



Click Next



Install now setup window appears, Click on "Install Now"



License info should appear.  Click on OK



Click "I agree"



Click on program icon to begin installing the program.



When you are finished with the install close all windows still open.  The program you are installing should be on the desktop.  If the program did not create a desktop icon you can still access it by clicking on Start then Programs, and then the name of the program you have just installed. 


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