These Word documents are release forms where schools wish to publish student work or images. For students under the age of 18, these forms must be signed off by parents or guardians. Please note that where student work is published on school, or other Internet sites, the student retains copyright of their own work. Please see SOFWeb's copyright page for more information about schools and copyright.

Should you require more assistance on downloading documents from the Internet, please see SOFWeb's guide to downloading. Before downloading any documents from SOFWeb please read the disclaimer.

Model release form for the publication of student work on the Internet.

Parent/guardian recording authorisation for use of student images.

SOFWeb recommends some simple steps to protect students when publishing student images or work on the web.

  • Do not publish student's last names or other information which might make students individually identifiable.
  • Do not publish student's personal contact details, i.e. home phone numbers, addresses or personal email addresses. Where contact details are to be included use class email addresses or the school's telephone number. Where a class email address is included, care should be taken that the mailbox be checked first by teachers.
  • Where possible, publish group photographs rather than individual images of students. Schools might publish the image of a class or other group activity, and identify students generically by class or activity, i.e. "Grade 4A", or the "Year 7 hockey team".



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